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Song: "Absolute Beginners" - David Bowie

He's running late. I look at my phone again. 7:25. I've been standing outside this theater for nearly an hour. I wonder if I should leave. Maybe he was joking when he said he wanted to take me out to a show for our first date. I don't want to think he stood me up; he always sounded so sincere whenever we talked to each other. Then again, if he arrives, this will be the third time we've actually spoken to each other in person, counting the day we first met. Maybe he'll be different than I thought he was.

I don't want to ruin this for myself. I want to have a good time and not worry about keeping up appearances or faking my way through a conversation like I've had to with guys before him. It's hard keeping who I really am from a lot of people, and a part of me feels like if he knew, he'd leave. I can't go through a rejection like that.


I'm late! Stupid N train! She must be so pissed right now. What a way to start off our first date! Ok, calm down, man. Calm down. You got the tickets, and maybe some time to grab something to eat before the show starts. If this works out, maybe I'll finally have a girlfriend. I want her to like me so badly it hurts. We hit it off those other times we've talked. She doesn't seem like anyone from school who'd put me down for being...different. Still, I've gotta play the part. Tell her everything about me except that.

There's the theater, and there she is. She looks happy to see me. I hope she likes the flowers.


Finally! Aw, he got me flowers, how sweet! I hug him and my stomach rumbles. Oh boy. I quickly suggest we go look for somewhere to eat and he agrees. We only have a half-hour, but you can't enjoy a show on an empty stomach. I try to ask what took him so long without sounding rude and he apologizes again and again. I can't be too mad. This is pretty similar to how my parents' first date started. We duck into a burger place across the street from the theater.


I scan the menu and pick out the one thing I feel like having, a plain cheeseburger. I'm so nervous I don't know how much I can eat. She picks the same thing. Well, we like the same food; that's one thing we've got in common so far. This booth is pretty cosy. We're just stuck in this little corner right next to each other. She's...beautiful. I mean, she's pretty, but looking at her just makes me smile. I hope I don't freak her out with my staring. After a moment of awkward silence, she brings up movies she likes and it just flows from there. She knows almost as much about movies as I do, and we went on for a long time about Roger Rabbit. I even borrowed a little from the Nostalgia Critic when describing how much that movie kicks ass.


Did he just quote the Nostalgia Critic? Nobody I talk to knows who that guy is. It's probably just a coincidence he used the same wording. There's no denying it, though, Who Framed Roger Rabbit kicks ass. We both grew up with the same cartoons and movies, so at least we have that much in common. Everything we've talked about so far just seems to come so naturally, not like with any of the few others I've been with before. I just hope he likes Disney as much as I do.


She really likes Disney. No, seriously, I don't think I've ever talked to anyone who's that into it. She wants to work for them, so that kind of makes sense. It's been years since I've been to Disney World, but I bet a trip with her would be fun. Too bad she doesn't know all that much about Marvel though. She seems like she'd be open to watching them. I tell her that I want to make movies, and tell her I think she'd be pretty enough to be on screen.


It's cute the way he's blushing a little when he looks at me. He's too nice, I don't think I'd belong in the movies. He tells me about the crazy ideas he has for some of his movies, and they seem like fun. I think I'd rather help him make his instead of starring in them, though. This burger's good, but I don't want to be rude, talking and eating at the same time.


She's barely touched her food. Oh boy, I bet she's having a terrible time. Just keep talking, make her feel comfortable.


He asks me if I've ever seen this show before. No, I haven't, but I've heard it was pretty good. The conversation is good, but I just wish I could finish my burger...

Oh crap, it's almost show time! We wolf our food down and hurry back to the theater.


Wow, that show was...better than I expected. Of course, I can tell she really enjoyed it, which made me happy. I think I even caught her crying a little at the end. I hand her a pack of tissues from my pocket. I hope I'm not embarrassing her. Someone as nice as her shouldn't cry.


That was really good., NO, I will not cry. Why do I have to be so damn sensitive to these things? I hope he doesn't see me like this, it's embarrassing. What? Tissues? Oh...that's nice of him, but I don't want him to think he'll have a girlfriend who cries over every single thing. That is, if he wants to see me again after tonight. I kind of want him to.

We walk out of the theater and around Times Square for a bit. It's a nice night, not too cold. I think I can even make out a few stars over the bright city lights. Now he's the quietest he's been all night. Quite an accomplishment, considering how garrulous he was before. We look at each other. He's not too bad-looking, for a regular joe. Not that I've been wishing for Prince Charming, but he cleans up nicely. It's only fitting that I thank him for such a nice night now...


Oh my God. She just gave me my first kiss. I blurt that out as soon as she's done. She looks at me, a little puzzled.


It's me? I'm the one who gave him his first kiss? That explains why he didn't really reciprocate when I did. Well, there's a first time for everything. I go back in and this time, he's ready. Not bad for a beginner. If tonight's a success, and I think it is, maybe I can give him a few pointers.


She's good, really good. I probably suck, but I don't know. She seems into it. Our lips part and we look at each other again. I'm already planning our next date.


He takes me to the bus and asks if I'm free next weekend. We make plans to go see a movie and we part. Wow, what a night. Everything was just about perfect. I already can't wait for Friday. I can't remember the last time I've opened up to someone like this and felt...perfectly fine. I wasn't afraid to be me and it seemed like he wasn't either. Maybe I'll tell him in a little bit...not right away, but eventually. When it's just right.


Suck it, everyone in high school! I've got a girlfriend who's gorgeous and crazy about movies and likes me! Woo hoo! Ok, just had to get that out. Well, now that that's done, it's back to the train for me. I think over everything that happened tonight. I haven't been with anyone like her since...ever. She didn't seem to mind half the things I said. Maybe when I finally tell her about...that...she won't mind either. Just give it a little time, let her get to know you first. The way it looks right now, I think it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
31 Days, 31 Shuffle One-Shots #12
I've seen people do stuff like this before and wanted to give it a shot. Basically you take your iPod, put it on shuffle, and write a little something inspired by the song that comes on next. Why 31? Well, I wanted to see if I could do one for each day of August. I should warn you ahead of time, some of the stories and the songs that inspired them will be a little unexpected. There might be fanfics, some might be original pieces, others semi-autobiographical, and what I use for inspiration may not be limited to certain kinds of music.

Song #12 - "Absolute Beginners" by David Bowie
Listen to it here: 

Anyone who's ever been on a first date knows how nerve-wracking it can be. You want to like the person you're with and you want them to like you, and you try to be yourself but just enough so you feel they won't be scared away. But how much should you hide and how much should you show, especially if you feel like you've got something to hide? This flip-flop between perspectives was inspired by my first date with my boyfriend; turns out we both have Asperger's Syndrome but we were both afraid to tell each other until a while after we started going out.
To the few of you who are actually reading these, I apologize for not keeping up with them as well as I had planned. I confess that when I original conceived the idea, I skipped ahead to see the songs that would be coming up on shuffle and brainstormed on a few of them just in case I fell behind (like I did) and would be able to write and publish them faster. One such idea was inspired by the eleventh song that came up on the prompt, "A Message From the Man in the Moon" by Allan Jones (and Josephine Baker; it's an old song, but listen to both versions to see if there's one you prefer). It was supposed to explore a scene from "An American Werewolf in London" from the point of view of one of the main characters, the late Jack Goodman.

I know what you're thinking, "Can't she let this whole Werewolf thing go already?" Well, I can't. There's very few movies that have fascinated me like that one has. It's that strange mashup of scary, funny, clever, stupid, silly and depressing that's maddening and frustrating and hard for me to watch, yet I can't stop returning to. I won't delve into it any further, but I will say that Jack pretty much steals whatever scene he's in. He's the one element where the horror and comedy mesh together perfectly. He was going to be a really fun character to write for. So you might be wondering, what's the big deal, then? Why don't you just go ahead and do it? Well, for anyone who's seen the movie and read my ravings about it before, you'll know that Jack's motivation is to get David to kill himself so they can both finally be free from their curse. And recently the world has suffered a great loss that police have deemed a suicide...

Yeah, it's hard to go anywhere on the internet this past week and not see a dedication or something dedicated to Robin Williams. I did not take the news of his passing very well, and I can take some consolation in A) He's no longer suffering, and B) I've found I'm not the only one who broke down on hearing the news. I really didn't want to believe he took his own life though, because how does someone so full of life and energy could do something like that? I heard that he was suffering from depression and the early stages of Parkinson's Disease a short time ago, and I can sort of understand what he might have been going through. I've been through some deep lows and depressions in my life, and even contemplated suicide once, but I never gave up. I found what was important to me and kept it close, found something to look forward to and worked for it, if not for me, then for my family. That doesn't stop the fact that someone we know and love is gone, and in a way that he didn't deserve to go. From the looks of it, people aren't going to stop talking about this for a long time. There is a silver lining to this, however, as people are starting to talk more about depression and ways to understand and deal with it.

As for writing about a character who's catching up with an old friend while also trying to get him to commit suicide? Well, let's just say now's not the time. So I'm putting a hold on this one-shot for a while, at least until it feels appropriate enough. Even if I don't get around to it, it's still an idea I'd like to explore, maybe in a more fleshed-out story as opposed to a brief stand-alone.

And as for why I don't just come up with something else to write instead? It's summer, which means that the time I'm not doing these one-shots, job hunting, or my freelance artwork (which you can look at in the description), I'm just being lazy. And after everything that's happened recently, we could all use a break, maybe take the time to remember a great comedian, and a major part of our childhoods. I know it's been said a thousand times already but Rest in Peace Robin Williams. "Genie, you're free."
Why #11 of 31 One-Shots Won't Be Coming (Yet)...
Yeah, do you even need to read the description? Kinda pointless seeing as how it's always below the artwork and writing so you almost never look at it...

Anyway, for those of you interested, take a look at my work here (and please email me if you want any work or commissions done, I need the money!!)
Song: "Give a Little Love" - Ziggy Marley and the Rhythm Makers

It's far too early for kids to be this rambunctious; I don't know if or how I ever was at eight o'clock in the morning. Right now we're trying to keep them all in the playroom of the main building and the sounds of their screaming and laughter bounce all over the sky blue walls. One of the head counselors, a woman in her 40's who I think is named Jolene, enters the room with a cassette tape in her hand - it's been a long time since I've seen one of those - and puts it into the stereo on the top shelf. I'm hit with nostalgia as some old Disney tunes start playing; not ones like "Hakuna Matata" or "Be Our Guest", but "Thomas O'Malley" and "Substitutiary Locomotion". The kids keep on playing, unaware of the smiles that have crept on to a few of the younger counselors' faces.

I greet Joey when arrives and he rewards me with the biggest hug he's ever given me so far. It may be air conditioned in here, but my heart is melting. His mom kisses him goodbye and leaves with his older brother, who gives him a little Pokemon toy before he goes. He takes my hand and looks up at me with a smile full of gaps and crooked baby teeth. I smile back and lead him to the other kids. When Josh and Eric see him, they wave and call his name. He pulls me towards them. Just a week and a half ago, you could barely get him to go near any other kids. I consider this great progress. 

Our good morning and exercise rituals pass without a hitch. Maybe it's because I've been here too long but some of the music they play for the dancing exercises are pretty catchy, especially "Disco Limbo" (which, ironically, sounds nothing like disco). The schedule for the day is a bit switched around because of the rain, and as expected, some of the children aren't too happy about this arrangement. There are a few who still cry and refuse to do anything when the thunder rumbles. Frankly I'm fine with the rain, but if it passes like it's supposed to, I hope it's after when we're originally scheduled to go in the pool. It's barely clean, always cold, and harder to keep an eye on your ward there.

We shake it with our kids and do our best to get them to have a good time. It's easy to see which have made progress and bonded with their counselors. Others are still more reserved and refuse to participate. I feel bad for the counselors who have kids like those. Last year I had two weeks with a little red-headed fella who constantly argued with me and even bit me once. It wasn't until the camp ended that year that he finally warmed up to me. Joey hasn't given me many problems, thank goodness. He talks about Pokemon a lot, but I remember how much I did when I was his age. I am a little bewildered at the fact that it's still remained so popular and expanded immensely since I stopped caring about it though. Thanks to Joey's almost encyclopedic knowledge, I now know all of Eevee's new evolution forms, that there's almost 500 Pokemon with countless new subspecies and one of them is made out of ice cream. Living. Ice Cream. Whatever happened to just trying to capture all 150 of them and beating Team Rocket?

Arts and crafts may not be Joey's favorite activity period, but it's mine. I've forgotten how many different things you can do with pipe cleaners and glitter. Construction paper and glue litter the table. When we're done, we have the options of finger painting, more crafts, or just having fun with a coloring book. Joey takes a bunch of crayons to Mickey Mouse's face, and my mind wanders over to the easel. It's a blue Fisher-Price one, the same one I had when I was a kid. Still keeping an eye on him, I go to the easel, dip my finger in a container of blue paint and start drawing squiggles and swirls on the paper. I can't just stop there though. I create a sailboat on the sea, and by the time I'm done, a few of the kids and counselors have stopped what they are doing to watch me. I take in the praise, but my mind snaps back as I realize Joey isn't where I left him. I can't lose him! He's been so good now, he hasn't wandered off in days! As I look around the room, though, I see him sitting in the corner with some of his buddies, trading Pokemon cards. I sigh a breath of relief and go to take him to wash our hands.

After lunch, out comes the sun, and with it, everyone in our bathing suits. So much for staying dry for one day. I haven't worn a one-piece since I was in elementary school, but it's the rules; too many kids have drawn the pull strings on counselors' bikinis in the past. The rain hasn't helped the temperature, and soaked feathers from the flock of Canadian geese that frequent the campgrounds float dully on the surface. The tranquility is broken as the kids jump in and splash about. I ask Joey if he wants to try the swimmers' test that will allow him to go in the deeper end of the pool with some of his friends, but he says no, he wants to stay with me. I help him into his "swimmies" and reluctantly step into the water. Instantly I'm covered in goosebumps. Ignoring my discomfort, he pulls me in deeper. For a nine-year old, he's strong! I try to ignore the fact that I can't feel my legs and try to organize a game of Marco Polo with the other kids.

Now that we're dried off, it's off to the playground. I feel a little weird for liking this part of the daily routine. Most of the counselors try to stay under the rooftop extending from the main building over the outdoor picnic area, in the shade and slightly cooler. We're obligated to play with our kids, however, and I actually have a good time. This camp has a play area that rivals any playground I've ever been to. There's a swinging bridge, a tiny mock rock wall, three slides, a jungle gym, a fireman's pole, a rope climb, some bouncy things you can jump on, a fun telephone thing that goes across the playground you can shout into (which we had to avoid for a couple of days because there was a bees' nest in one of them) and even a zip line! My one regret is being taller now so I can't enjoy some of it as much as I would when I was a kid, but running around after Joey on here, I feel transported back to grade school again.

I quickly find myself wishing to jump back into the pool. On days when it's scorching outside, the playground is unbearable. At least they give us a full cooler of water, even though it's quickly drained. One of the counselors also brings out the stereo, so we listen to the Disney tape some more as we play. The head counselors have even brought us sand toys and bubbles today, nice! When Joey feels like taking a break with his Pokemon, we go into the shade and I grab a bubble wand. Me and one other counselor try to impress the kids with our immense bubbles. Joey goes to give it a try but something dark whooshes past him and he screams. He hides behind me and starts crying. And today was going so well...

I didn't like fireworks when I was a kid. Not at all. They were too loud and crackly and always surprised you. I've gotten much better since then, but I hate to think I was as bad with them as Joey is with dragonflies. If he even sees one, he will go into full-on panic mode. The thing is, a whole bunch of them start flitting around the campgrounds in August. It's up to me now to comfort him. I hold him and rub his back, gently shushing in his ear as his sobs quiet down. Poor little guy. I don't like to see kids this upset. I try to think of a way to get him to start playing again. He refuses to move; he can see several of them buzzing above the playground. "They're loud and they buzz in your ear and they bite and fly everywhere!" he cries. Wow, we really aren't that different. The main difference now is I think I have a way to make him feel better.

"Joey, do you want those dragonflies to go away?" I ask him. He nods. "Then what you gotta do is face your fears and tell them" I look around quickly, desperately thinking of something I can say that's so appropriate, so surefire to help him conquer his phobia and...a kid runs past me with a truck in his hand. He's wearing a bright blue shirt with the words "Buzz off!" in comic book bubbles. It's too perfect. " off!" I cry. Joey grins. "Yeah! Buzz off!" he says. He runs out into the field. "Buzz off, dragonfly! Buzz off!" He goes up to one hovering in midair. "Buzz off!!" Not surprisingly, the dragonfly zips away, which only bolsters his confidence. I laugh a little as he runs around a little, shouting at the top of his lungs. He goes back to me and pulls me back into the fray. Again, he's strong for such a little guy. We run around the playground shouting "Buzz off!" at the top of our lungs. Some of the kids and the counselors stop and stare, others ignore us, a few of them even shout with us.

Two-thirty comes so quickly. As the kids leave one by one, Joey runs around the playroom with whomever is left. Finally he sits by my side and starts showing off his Pokemon collection for the umpteenth time since we've met. When his mother arrives, I tell her of Joey's great progress and how much fun he's had today, in addition to the new "magic words" to scare away the dragonflies. She gushes over me and says how excited he is to see me every day before camp starts. I "aww" a little inside as I watch Joey hug his brother. Then he hugs me goodbye and leaves. Nothing left to do but watch a video with the remaining kids while I wait for mom to pick me up. Or play with some of the toys. Or maybe put the Disney tape on one more time. Or fingerprint, or clean up, or...
31 Days, 31 Shuffle One-Shots #10
I've seen people do stuff like this before and wanted to give it a shot. Basically you take your iPod, put it on shuffle, and write a little something inspired by the song that comes on next. Why 31? Well, I wanted to see if I could do one for each day of August. I should warn you ahead of time, some of the stories and the songs that inspired them will be a little unexpected. There might be fanfics, some might be original pieces, others semi-autobiographical, and what I use for inspiration may not be limited to certain kinds of music.

Song #10 - "Give a Little Love" by Ziggy Marley and the Rhythm Makers
Listen to it here:…

So here's a high school memory that isn't painful and angsty - I used to work at a summer camp for autistic and special needs kids. Was it ever easy? Rarely. Was it fun? Actually, yes, at least most of the time. Let me tell you, when you get those kids to open up to you, they can be the sweetest things. In 2012 I returned to work at that camp for a short time and ran into one of the kids I was charged with now a little older, and she remembered me! It was all about showing these kids a good time and helping them grow, and it was an experience I'll always treasure.
Song: "Invisible Touch" - Genesis

Rachel took a deep breath. Today was the day. Michael was just across from her, talking with a bunch of his friends. All she needed was an invitation, an opening for her to join in. She didn't feel too comfortable asking him in front of his friends, but if this was the only chance she was given, she would take it. Michael finally looked her way and smiled. She took that as her invitation.

"Hey...Mike. How's it going?" she asked as she walked over. "Hi Rachel. Uh, all right, I guess. Are you auditioning for the play tomorrow?" said Michael. "Yeah, but I haven't decided who to try out for yet," Rachel responded nervously. " and a couple of the girls...and guys...are going to the movies together this Saturday, and I was wondering if maybe you'd like to - "

"Hiii Michael," drawled a pitchy, snobbish voice. Rachel winced and put on her best fake smile as Kendra sauntered up to them. Instantly the boys around Michael gathered themselves around her. She held out her bags - one school bag and the other a Gucci handbag - and a blonde boy whose name Rachel could never remember took it. Rob brushed lint off of her sweater and Justin took her books. Rachel could never understand it. Nearly all the guys at school acted completely normal, but whenever Kendra came around, they raced to do her bidding. Michael was one of the few who seemed to retain some common sense.

"Uh, hi Kendra," said Michael. He turned back to Rachel. "So, what were you - " "You know, the cheerleading competition is on Saturday. If we win, we're moving on to finals. I was hoping I'd see you there," Kendra interrupted as she flashed a shark-like grin at him. For a second her gaze flickered over to Rachel with murderous intent. In that moment Rachel knew; that bleach-headed bitch had timed it just right! She was doing this on purpose! All she could do was keep her smile plastered on while she watched her chance at a date with her crush go out the window.

Michael blinked. He didn't understand why Kendra would take an interest in him, especially when she had at least a dozen guys falling to pieces over her. Sometimes he would catch her watching him in the hallway as he walked past, usually followed by her hangers-on, but never said anything beyond the occasional attempts at flirting. When he would ask his friends why they were suddenly interested in a girl like Kendra, they would go on about how hot and wonderful she was, but he just couldn't see it. She wore way too much makeup for his taste and hated how she belittled the other girls in school, like Rachel.

"Sorry, but I'm, uh, kind of busy that day. Good luck though," he said. Kendra's smile became an clenched frown. It took Rachel all her willpower to not jump up in the air and yell "Yes!" The bell rang and everyone started to scatter to the classrooms. Someone ran into Justin and knocked Kendra's books out of his hands. He went to pick them up but she stopped him. "Leave it! I'll do it myself! Just get to class, all of you!" she snarled.

"So, I'll see at lunch?" asked Rachel. "Yeah, see ya!" said Michael. Rachel went to her homeroom with a smile on her face. Michael watched her go but as he went to leave himself, Kendra stopped him. "Think you can help me with this?" she asked timidly. Her groupies seemed to have abandoned her, leaving her with too much to carry on her own and not get marked late. Nobody else was in the hall except for the two of them. Michael sighed and stooped down to pick up some of her books.

He was just thinking that he shouldn't be so nice all the time when a sudden deep freezing sensation pierced through his heart and spread to every part of his body.  He looked down. Kendra's hand was inside his chest. She looked straight into his eyes with that malicious shark grin of hers. If Michael could have screamed, he would. She squeezed his heart and sent an agonizing wave of pain over him. He was burned and frozen over and over all at once.

"I've tried to be nice, Michael," she whispered through gritted teeth. "I hoped you'd wake up and see you were the one for me eventually, but we're both better off doing it this way." She leaned in to his chest and whispered something. Instantly Michael's head was full of nothing but thoughts of Kendra - not the horrified, panicked thoughts that clouded his mind before but images of her beauty, her smooth curves, luscious lips, perfect body...a girl that had to be his at all costs. Kendra released her grip and pulled out her hand. The hole in his chest closed up on its own, but Michael's eyes were solely on Kendra. "And this whole moment between us? It never happened, ok?" she said sweetly. She put a finger to her lips and the tip of it glowed blue. She bopped him with it on the chest playfully and Michael blinked in bewilderment. Kendra giggled as she helped him to his feet.

At lunch, Rachel sat with a group of her friends. The chair next to her, however, remained empty the whole time. It wasn't until the period was almost over that she saw Michael walking besides Kendra, carrying her things and laughing over some smart remark. Her spirits sank. "Aw, don't feel bad, Rachel," said Diandra, putting a hand on her friend's shoulder. "He's an idiot like the rest of them." "It's not that, it's just...I don't get why they keep going to her when all she does is treat them like slaves and flaunt them to the rest of us. I thought even Michael could see that, but I guess I was wrong." Rachel rested her head on the table and watched them leave the cafeteria together. Her friend Lila shrugged. "She's probably just a witch who controls men's hearts to do her bidding," she joked. "Yeah, probably," said Rachel half-heartedly. 
31 Days, 31 Shuffle One-Shots #9
I've seen people do stuff like this before and wanted to give it a shot. Basically you take your iPod, put it on shuffle, and write a little something inspired by the song that comes on next. Why 31? Well, I wanted to see if I could do one for each day of August. I should warn you ahead of time, some of the stories and the songs that inspired them will be a little unexpected. There might be fanfics, some might be original pieces, others semi-autobiographical, and what I use for inspiration may not be limited to certain kinds of music.

Song #9 - "Invisible Touch" by Genesis
Listen to it here:…

I've certainly known a few girls in high school that seemed to have this power over boys. If I had it I definitely would have taken advantage of it too. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to some powerful, adlerian therapy. Thinking back to high school does that to me...

(And yes, now that I think about it, I may have been inspired by Once Upon a Time. I just hope Regina doesn't pull these kind of shennanigans again in the next season! Things were starting to turn out so well for her...)

(Oh, and I want to apologize to anyone watching this for falling so far behind. I'm gonna try to get another one done by tonight!)
Song: "Invitation to Dinner/Nothing but a Monster" - Beauty and the Beast

"That's very kind of you, but...I'm not going to dinner," Belle said politely but firmly. She expected the surprised reaction she got from the wardrobe, whom she decided in her head to just call "Madame" for short. She wasn't entirely sure yet where she got such a lengthy name, whether it was bestowed upon her at whatever time she was enchanted in to life, or it belonged to her before somehow being changed into a busty armoire, but a part of her was glad that she wasn't completely alone with that was to be her jailer. "But you must!" cried Madame. Before she could pontificate on the reasons why, both their attention was drawn to a small brown clock peeking in through the doorway. It coughed a little for attention and said with a suave bow, "Dinner is served."

Before Belle could respond, Madame said "She'll be down in a minute! Just picking out a dress, ha ha ha!" Belle politely moved her out of the way and faced the clock. "Tell your master thank you for his invitation, but I won't be joining him tonight, or ever." The clock's hands, which resembled a mustache on his face, twitched a little. "Ah, mademoiselle, I'm afraid that's not possible," said the clock. "When the master gives an order, we must obey it." Belle wanted to be polite, but she had to stand her ground. "Your master said this castle was to be my new home and I am free to go wherever I wish, is that correct?" "Um, well, yes, mademoiselle. But you see - " Belle decided to just take his answer as a yes and continued. "Well then, I wish to stay here. Thank you all the same, though." She sat down on the bed arms folded, with an air of finality.

The little clock stuttered and stammered for a bit, unable to respond to this. Belle wondered if, perhaps like his master, no one had ever said no to him before. Finally, the clock threw up his hands and sighed. "Very well." He muttered as he exited the room, "The master is not going to like this..." Belle got up and closed the door. She turned around to find Madame looking more worried than before. "Are you sure don't want to go down, dear?" she asked. "Yes," sighed Belle. She didn't want to upset anyone, but if she was going to spend the rest of her life here, she wouldn't let herself be pushed around. "Well, I don't think the Master will be too happy with your response, but - " "He may be your master, but he isn't mine!" Belle said angrily.

Immediately she regretted her harsh words. "I'm...I'm sorry. This is all still happening so fast," she said. "It's all right, dearie," said Madame, putting her hands on her comfortingly like she was an old friend. "Trust me, I know how it feels to have your world turned upside-down and find yourself in a situation beyond your control." "Really? How did you deal with it?" asked Belle. Madame looked a little nervous at this question. "Ah, I, uh..well, I picked myself up and said 'You've been in worse scrapes than this before! So chin up, 'cause you never know when the one thing - or person - might come along to make things all right again," she answered with a little chuckle. Belle appreciated the attempt at making her feel better, but was sure she wasn't being fully honest with her. "Thanks, but...I can't just sit there and pretend everything will be fine. After everything he did...I'd be much happier without his company for a while." Madame was quiet for a bit. "Well, can't say I don't see where you're coming from. If this what you want, I'm not forcing you. Better prepare for the worst, though. He will not be happy when he hears you're not coming. Not at all."

Belle sat back down on the bed as those words started to sink in. When her father accidentally angered the Beast by just stumbling upon his castle, he left him in a dungeon to die. What would he do to her for refusing to dine with him? Madame and - she realized then that she didn't get that clock's name - well, they were both right. The Beast wouldn't be happy when he was told the news, and she feared his reaction. The first time she saw him, she found him absolutely terrifying, and he was only standing in the moonlight. She feared to think what he might be like if he turned to violence.

A loud pounding at her door shook her from her thoughts and panic set in. She didn't have to ask who it was. "I thought I told you to come down to dinner!" came the loud, deep voice of the Beast. "I'm not hungry!" Belle retorted, hoping the fear she felt didn't creep into her answer. "You come out, or...or...I'll break down the door!" came the response. Belle gripped the bedpost. She turned back to Madame. "You don't think he'd really do that, will he?" she said. Madame hesitated. "Ahhhh...give him a moment, maybe he'll calm down, and you can apologize - " "Apologize? I shouldn't be the one apologizing!" Belle nearly shouted. She looked away from her, all feelings of terror replaced by anger.

"Will you come down to dinner?" she heard the Beast ask, this time not as gruffly. "No!" she shot back. She wasn't afraid of him now. Whatever it took to get it through his head that she wasn't joining him, she would do it. He asked once again, slowly. Belle could hear him through the doors attempting to sound polite but failing miserably. "No thank you!" she answered once again. "You can't stay in there forever!" he snapped, resorting back to his beastliness. "Yes I can!" replied Belle. "Fine! Then go ahead and STAAAARVE!" His roar was so loud Belle had to cover her ears. She thought she heard him say something about her not eating at all before storming off and slamming a door down the hall. 

"Well, that went off better than I thought it would," mused Madame. Belle was inclined to agree, but still felt more than a little shaken by the ordeal. "Did he say something about me starving until I decide to join him?" "I think so, but he'll probably change his mind sooner or later," Madame replied. Belle could tell she wasn't being truthful again. "You know, despite the bad temper and matted fur, the Master's not so bad once you get to know him. Why don't you give him a chance?" "Why should I? Did he give my father a chance?" answered Belle. "Well, no, but - " "Then I don't want to get to know him! I don't want to have anything to do with him!"

She got up from her bed and looked out at the forest and swirling snow through the tall windows. She hoped her father had made it back home safe, that he wouldn't try to do anything foolish like come back for her. The further he was from this awful place, the better. As if it couldn't get any worse, Belle realized how long it was since she had actually eaten anything. She didn't want to give in to the Beast's demands, but if he really meant to keep her in here until she did...

Belle sighed and kicked off her shoes. "I think I'd like to rest right now, if that's all right." "Of course, dearie. After a day like this, you've earned it. Shall I get you a nightgown or - " "No, that's all right. It'll just be for a moment." Belle snuggled beneath the warm layers of sheets and blankets and laid her head on what had to be the softest pillow on earth. It wouldn't be difficult falling asleep in a bed like this. Before she drifted away, however, she had already worked out her plan - wait until it got late, then sneak down to the kitchens and take what she could find. Belle was sure that even enchanted objects had to sleep, so it would be easy as long as she didn't run into their master. Even if he did, she wouldn't be afraid to stand up to him. He would never bully her like that again. She'd make him rue the day he locked up both her and her father. So, despite the hunger and her dissipating anger and the loneliness already gnawing away at her heart, Belle managed to fall asleep with a smile.
31 Days, 31 Shuffle One-Shots #8
I've seen people do stuff like this before and wanted to give it a shot. Basically you take your iPod, put it on shuffle, and write a little something inspired by the song that comes on next. Why 31? Well, I wanted to see if I could do one for each day of August. I should warn you ahead of time, some of the stories and the songs that inspired them will be a little unexpected. There might be fanfics, some might be original pieces, others semi-autobiographical, and what I use for inspiration may not be limited to certain kinds of music.

Song: "Invitation to Dinner/Nothing but a Monster" from Beauty and the Beast

Yeah, remember what I said back in Prompt#5 concerning the music? PM me if you want the details. So this one is self-explanatory, just Belle's POV during the scene that shares this music. I hope I didn't make her to OOC, since this scene happens before she starts to befriend the Beast and she's both terrified of and angry with him. I also threw in some lines from the musical for good measure (she refers to the wardrobe as "Madame" because of her name in the show, Madame de la Grande Bouche.) I know it's not original, but at least it's not another angsty thinly-disguised chapter of my autobiography.

Note - The characters, setting and music belong to their respective copyright owners. I own nothing. Please support them by buying...wait, this isn't out on the soundtrack yet! Get to it, Disney! Yo quiero mas Alen Menken!
Guys, I finally did it. After years of pressure from professors and the fear that I'll never find work after graduation, I got my own website to show off my portfolio in illustration and storyboarding. As part of my senior year we learn to "make" one, and I did, but it kind of sucked, and the free hosting site it was on decided to stop offering free services, so you'll never see that. I think this one not only looks nicer, but somewhat professional. I'll still be uploading fun stuff here though.

So anyway, check out my website by clicking on the link below, then come back and tell me what you think.
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I don't like to limit the things I love to a few words or quotes because there are so many things I have a passion for. Art is one of them, so is storytelling. It's my dream to get into storyboarding, particularly for animated films. My biggest inspirations are Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, the amazing creative people who work there, classic fairy tales and stories, and a few of my own personal experiences.

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